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Bloom’s Blog Part 5: Chicken S*** Bingo in Austin, TX

I was invited to a unique experience by some local friends. So I took my little Canon Vixia along to capture it…I am assured the chicken is looked after very well.

Only in Texas.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Bloom’s USA Blog Part 4. Austin Bound!

Well I have left Las Vegas with a tear in my eye and lighter of wallet. I changed my flight and caught a later one and glad I did as I bumped into someone who is really going places, and I don’t mean because of his job!

Shot on the Canon Vixia, .7x wide angle and crappy shotgun mic with the cool Zacuto Z-grip which made shooting it handheld very easy.

Check this out!
Vodpod videos no longer available.


Bloom’s “DAILY” video blog from the USA…VEGAS

Yes, all three of you have demanded it so I have caved into the pressure! I think the “daily” might be a bit ambitious. Some of them will be just webcam bits to cam, some will be more interesting, I HOPE!

So anyway here is the first one. I won’t be creating a new page for each post. Just for each location. So there will be 4 pages. Vegas, Austin, Hawaii and LA.

Please do visit my main site for the serious stuff away from this madness!!

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Filming “Return to Dungeness” with my dad



Get ready…this will be a soppy blog!

A week ago I went down to Dungeness to make another short film the Cinemek G35. I was supposed to go on the Saturday but he weather was awful. That day I drove to my parents house in Kent, where I grew up. I needed to still get this filming done but didn’t want to miss out on spending time with my parents. 

So I asked my dad if he fancied coming to Dungeness with me after lunch to help me film and to be in it. He said sure ,which was great. Mum didn’t want to come as it was too cold but I got a chance to spend a really nice day with my dad. He was cold, bored by how long it took to do each shot, especially the time lapses but it was wonderful having him there. 

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World Tour. Contact Ticketmaster NOW!


Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. 

In two weeks am getting on a jet plane to whizz over the pond and pay a visit to our former colony. The United States of America. Now this isn’t my first time there. In fact have probably been to about half of the actual states now and on this trip I add two more, Texas and Hawaii.

So I get in to LAX, jump in my Mustang Convertible, drive to Las Vegas. Rock up at the MGM and hang out with all you NAB people for 4 days. Should be fun. Be great to catch up with Steve Weiss of Zacuto, Aaron Pinto of LetusDirect, Joe Stunzi (finally), hopefully see Tony Selzer again, my good friend Tom Guilmette as well as Dennis Kane who I almost met last time. Will Be popping over to B & H photo, Cinevate, Redrock, Panasonic, Sony, Red Giant etc. Should be fun. Bit of work, but mostly just schmoozing!

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