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One of the most beautiful films I have ever seen…


I don’t know why it has taken me so long to watch this, I’ve had it for a while and heard so much about it but today I finally watched Tarsem’s “The Fall”. It’s Tarsem’s second feature after the Jennifer Lopez film “The Cell”, an underrated film but not a patch on this.

It’s unlike anything you have ever seen. It’s reminiscent to something like “The Princess Bride” or “Pan’s Labyrinth”  but so unique on many levels. 

Apparently this film was made over a number of years and financed by the Director himself. Filming took place in 26 locations across 18 countries and it shows. There is no CGI in this film, all these locations are real and wow are they stunning. DoP  Colin Watkinson, who according to imdb has only been DP on a couple of films, lots of music videos and commercials and he’s done lot’s of Entourage. A show I like but this guy doesn’t seem to be used in features anywhere near as much as he should be!

There are times when it reminds me of Ron Fricke’s “Baraka”, itself shot over a long period of time across many, many countries. In fact one scene must be an homage to Baraka! Take a look below…

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Odd places and keeping it varied!

Hard at work...

Hard at work...

I am writing this blog from a hotel room in somewhere called Stourport. Where am I!!?!

I am with one of my assistants called David Lee, a cracking bloke despite living in Chingford!

We have reached a deal where he does a set number of days for me for free as my assistant and I agree to DP his short film. I haven’t decided how many days yet!

Today we have been shooting a broadcast commercial for “Bag for life”, you know, those hessian bag thingies that people are supposed to use instead of plastic. Very worthy and quite fun. I was hired by a man called Tom Stanhope of Jovian Productions. Nice guy. He is very trusting which is great when someone you haven’t worked with respects you enough to get the job done.

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Some personal thoughts…

I have been blogging via my website for over two years now. Thanks to everyone who reads it.

Most of what is on there is very much focused on my work as a DP and Director. So I wanted somewhere where I could write about other topics. Some still work based but much broader. So here it is…the relaunched “Bloom’s Blog”.
I hope you find it interesting, funny, insightful, engaging, educational, enlightening, inspiring, annoying, irritating and just plain boring in equal measures! This will be at times quite a personal blog, so if you don’t like slushy reminiscing…sorry!
Let’s start with a bit of context. Twenty years ago I got into this business, yeah am that old, my aim was to be a cameraman. I become one full time about 4 years after getting my first job in TV. 2 and a half years ago I quit Sky News to go it alone. A terrifying thought. I was making very good TV, getting to shoot and direct my own docos and long features and  I had a very good salary, a company car, a company yacht moored in St. Tropez, a company apartment in Belgravia, a company country house in the Cotswolds,  a company wife, a company mistress, three company children and a cat. Now all I have is the cat, well three now. I got them wet, mustn’t feed them after midnight!

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